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Situated in Hout Bay next to Penzance Veterinary Clinic, the Penzance Happy Cat Hotel provides superb cat sitting facilities for your furry friends.
Run by the owners and staff of Penzance Veterinary Clinic we understand the need for cat owners to feel confident in their choice of a cat hotel. We want them to be looked after with the same care and consideration that we give our patients in the clinic.
We guarantee to provide a home away from home environment for the most discerning cat. With us your cat will experience all the love, care and attention from our professional team.
You can now relax and enjoy your own holiday with the peace of mind that your cat is safe and loved and enjoying their holiday just as much!


We are in close proximity to Penzance Veterinary Clinic!
We are open all year!
We have a safe and clean environment!
We administer medication if required!
Professional care for your beloved cats!

Our Hotel for your purry friend

Dedicated to your pet

Rest assured that with you going away on holiday, your cat will be well taken care of. At the Penzance Happy Cat Hotel, we are taking every precaution to ensure that your beloved cats are in safe, healthy and happy surroundings.

Individual Cat Units

The individual cat units are secure and well maintained, still allowing ample room to move around freely.

Play Area

Cats are allowed into the secure play area with direct supervision from our staff. We do not mix cats from different households, but cats from one family can interact and relax in this room.
Our facilities have been designed with careful planning to allow cats to explore this space.

Safety and Security

The Penzance Happy Cat Hotel is next door to the Penzance Veterinary Clinic, as cats needs can be seen to easily throughout the day.
It is small and personal, ensuring that individual attention is given to your cat at any time. This means your purry friend settles down quickly, letting you have peace of mind.
The entrances to the building are kept locked for the safety of the cats.
Litter trays are changed every morning, then checked during the day and changed if necessary.

Ask us a question

Yes. For the health and safety of your cat and all the other guests we insist that residents are vaccinated. We will ask to see up-to-date certificates each time you bring your cat to board with us, so please remember to bring them with you. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Yes. ALL cats staying at the cattery should have been given flea treatment prior to arrival. Please seek advice from our veterinary clinic for a suitable, prescription product. Should we find fleas on your cat, your cat will receive treatment and it will be for your account.

Cats within the cattery are fed Royal Canin pellets and pouches, unless otherwise arranged or on special prescription medication. We ask that you bring these prescription diets with you. Should the diet run out during their stay, new food will be provided, and charged to your account accordingly.

Our staff have been well trained in administering medication to cats. Chronic medications such as tablets for arthritis, kidney problems or other chronic illnesses will be taken care of.
Insulin treatments for diabetic patients can also be given.
Patients suffering from chronic renal failure can also be be given extra fluid treatments to assist with hydration.

Yes, we are open all year. Drop off of boarders as well as collections are closed on Sundays. Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding these times.

Bedding is available at the cattery, but a small clean (but not freshly laundered) bed, blanket or something similar that your cat uses will help them settle in more quickly as it will have their familiar scent on it. You are also welcome to bring along any favourite toys.

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You will find Penzance Happy Cat Hotel right next door to Penzance Veterinary Clinic at the corner of Main Road and Payne Street.


Corner Main Road and Payne Street

Hout Bay




Telephone: 084 509 6227

Telefax: 021 790 8999

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